Celebrity Blonde (2007), performance

Materials:  Cyanotype, hair + miscellaneous objects

“I celebrated the Career Blonde through the sale and display of numerous images and relics associated with celebrity Blondes. The prices ranged from 50p to £500 – dependant on the status of the Blonde.

“What is interesting about the iconographic nature of the Blonde is that no matter how the world moves on, there are still those hanging on by their last finely manicured nail to the image of the ‘bubble blonde’. The ‘bubble blonde’ remains untouched by contemporary culture and current events, residing in a fantasy world. An easy vision of the summer sun, a fixed image of dumb, decorative, fun – she is the role model and mask for many ambitious souls. Bubble Blonde is the proto-type Career Blonde – a well-trodden path to fame and celebrity for all with an abundance or dearth of talent.