14 December 2018

My current research interests are centered on issues relating to the impact of European history and colonisation on identity, memory, and race. Since 2003, I have been engaged with a long-­term project with particular interest in language endangerment and its impact on the depletion of human knowledge.

This endeavour was inspired by my encounter with two sisters who grew up in the northern Kalahari.  I have begun a year-long residency at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg which I will use to resolve the many complexities I have encountered in telling this very sensitive story as an outsider.  I am keen to focus on the language as the mainframe and want to avoid the familiar anthropological perspective.

In Johannesburg, I am planning to experiment with a variety of resolutions as I aim to complete this long-term venture drawing on my own documentation,  the archives in the Cullen library and Duggan-Cronin Collection in Kimberley.  As part of my residency, I plan to produce a series of small works as part of the project for an exhibition on campus at the University of Witwatersrand.