The World is a Handkerchief – New York show

posted on: 17 February 2020

I am also pleased to share that The World is a Handkerchief show, which includes my work ‘The Dutchpot’ (2019), is travelling to New York and will be presented in the 20 I 20 Gallery, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, from 16th till 22nd of March, coinciding with The Immigrant Artist Biennial. The show, an international collaborative project of 50 artists, features a collection of handkerchiefs, which explores notions of homeland, family, displacement, and identity. The concept of the project is rooted in the age-old Spanish idiom ‘el mundo es un pañuelo,’ or as we may say in English ‘what a small world.’ It praises serendipitous encounters, moments of discovering personal connections in distant places or unexpected contexts. Celebrating such interconnectedness, and willing to nurture the disappearing tradition of the printed handkerchief, Cecilia Mandrile and Claudia DeMonte invited their mentors, students, and peer artists to share visual contemplations or personal stories on the various notions of the homeland. ‘The work I made refers to the Dutch pot, which on the island and throughout the diaspora is a staple of the Jamaican kitchen. There is a celebration of the work + book launch of the limited edition of catalogue on 19th of March 2020.