SEEDS OF EMPIRE: A Little Breeze show at the Danielle Arnaud Gallery

posted on: 4 June 2021

SEEDS OF EMPIRE is a series of exhibition projects made in collaboration with South African composer Phillip Miller and myself. The work combines stills and moving image, drawing, text, objects, sound to create immersive installations and performances.

Little or no breeze, a new collaborative piece made in association with Gary Stewart, comprises two moving image works and an original soundscape. The work directly references two texts from Hans Sloane’s A Voyage to Jamaica. In one Sloane charts the weather in Jamaica on a daily basis, and the other records his non consensual medical treatment of Rose, an enslaved woman who is suffering from depression. The work engages with Sloane’s casting of himself as an objective observer, rather than a perpetrator of violence. This material is combined with the recollections of Jamaicans living in the UK and their early encounters with the British weather on their arrival from ‘home’.