I’m Home Exhibition

posted on: 14 December 2018

I’M HOME brings together the works of Black British Female Photographers who explore the ideas of the home and family. The aim of the show is to collectively present the work of both established and emerging photographers in purpose-designed space that allows the viewer to experience an aspect of the lives of the artists well as the works.

The work I have developed for this exhibition reflects on what my parents and aunt, a returnee, left behind when they made that final journey home. My images show precious objects in my mother’s cabinets kept for ‘best’ which hardly ever came out and details of my aunt’s home, an interior which straddles the two sides of the Atlantic. The form of these photographs reveal a return to my early practice of still life and interiors which feels both comforting and familiar – another representation of home.

The publication is available from  https://hardears.bigcartel.com/