Back in Penzance

posted on: 9 March 2017

Delighted to be back in Penzance where I have spent two very productive days researching at The Hypatia Trust with the phenomenal Melissa Hardie-Budden and Miki Ashton -so inspirational! Today I will be at the Exchange for a lunchtime event where I will discuss my research at Hypatia in relation to my Venice project in the Diaspora Pavillion later this year. Thank you so much to Blair Todd and everyone at The Newlyn Exchange for making this possible. I have posted some pictures of the fantastic installation of the exhibition ‘Lost Languages and other voices’  currently on show at The Newlyn Exchange Gallery, Penzance.   IMG_7086 IMG_7123 IMG_7111 IMG_7097 IMG_7093 IMG_7092 IMG_7086 IMG_7082