9th Daegu Photo Biennale

posted on: 4 September 2023

My works from Cinderella Tours Europe’ and ‘Doll’ will be shown at the 9th Daegu Photo Biennale, a unique biennial that focuses solely on photography. This year’s theme focuses on the ongoing power of photography. 


The 9th Daegu Biennale is opening on 22nd September in the Daegu Arts Center and runs till November 5th 2023. 


Doll was created in 2008 as an extension of ‘The Blonde’. It takes the Barbie doll and shrouds her in the visual tropes of a mythical movie star featuring glimpses of the 1959 Icon. It reflects on the internal fantasies of the imagination when striking a pose for a ‘selfie’.


In the light of research showing that Women’s and girls’ charities receive below 2 per cent of total sector funding and coinciding with the ‘Barbie-mania’ that is sweeping the world the studio is producing a limited edition of one image from the series of Doll. These will be available through the shop on the website in September. Please check the website for further information.