3 elements per row in a list

4 elements per row in a list

Responsive helper classes to show or hide elements

Extra small devices Phones (<480px) Small devices Tablets (<768px) Medium devices Desktops (<980px) Large devices Desktops (≥980px)

Get acf image by image id and custom size

Usage: get_acf_image_url($post_id, $field_name, $image_size, $sub_field = false)
Getting captions: get_acf_image_caption($field_name, $sub_field = false)

Repeater field

Gallery field

This is the limiting text function

Usage: get_limited_content($string, $limit = 100)
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This is the social media component

Usage: create sprite, go to themes/cog-framework-child/css/social.less and modify accordingly.


This is H1

This is H2

This is H3

This is H4

This is H5
This is H6

Body 14px regular, line height: 24px

Date: 14px regular format: #999999 12 February 2014, category

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To get custom taxonomies without linksfunction get_terms_no_links($post_id, $term_name, $delimiter = ', ')