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is there an over the counter drug like viagra Images of the blonde as an icon varies from generation to generation but have always tended to fall into one or other of the following categories.


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female cialis professional no prescription The Fairy Princess

Rapunzel had long beautiful hair
as fine as spun gold……

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Pretty Vacant Passive Sex Object 

Always ready for all sexual advances


In the past blondes have had to work hard to be taken as seriously. Recently the blonde has taken on a most interesting hue – it has captured the previous Blonde Bombshell hair colour and uses it to say power and strength.

In the spring of 1997 I noticed there was a trend on the streets of London amongst non Europeans to dye their hair blonde. Taking to the streets of London with a camera and a questionnaire I photographed and interviewed a selection of non European blondes – both male and female.

Reasons ranged from the personal, and the serious to the superficial.

medical facts about cialis Main aim – a big personality change be it temporary or permanent.

I am greatly indebted to these Blonde Angels whose views on the modern blonde have been the inspiration for this piece of work

The ‘Black Blonde’ is a world wide phenomenon on the streets of Jerusalem and Johannesburg, Bombay and Berlin and a football pitch near you!.

Is Blonde just the new  here post-feminist, post-colonial hair colour?

This project resulted in an installation which was shown in a Canadian shopping mall. For the InIVIA X-Space I will be using some of the work and the ideas from this show as the basis for a website which will be a light hearted exploration of ‘The Blonde’ through popular perception and public opinion.