Name: Nicky
Cool Blend Blonde
Occupation: Research Executive
Interests: Gardening, Home Improvements, Entertaining Friends
Personality: Outgoing, friendly – a bit manic

Blonde Ambition: I originally dyed my hair to piss someone off.
I would say that my ambition to be blonde is becoming short term and I am toying
with the idea of going back to my own colour and being dark and interesting.

What did you consider before becoming a Blonde?: REVENGE – I shaved my head and dyed it blonde.

There is a current trend for non European Men and Women to dye their hair blonde.
What do you think are the connotations of the ‘black blonde’?:
I live in an area with lots of African and Caribbean people and for them being blonde is just another way of dressing their hair.
Dennis Rodman used blondness to play around with his sexuality.
The group of people who come to mind as playing into the cultural baggage of being blonde are the Italians. They want to be ‘sexy European blondes’.

What effect does it have on the cultural language of the Blonde?:
Positive as it explodes a myth. Any one can be blonde, it is nothing more than a chemical reaction.