Name: Kaz
Eclectic New Blonde
Occupation: Ceramacist
Interests: Drinking, DIY, Junkshops, Car Boot Sales
Personality:Creative personality, sometimes wacky with big mood swings

Blonde Ambition:Will stay blonde for at least another 6 months. Being blonde has opened up another world and I feel I can do anything.From a sleek blonde bob to a shaved head

What did you consider before becoming a Blonde?:It was an accident due to a bad haircut. This image was foisted upon me and I dyed my hair blonde as I had nothing to lose.

There is a current trend for non European Men and Women to dye their hair blonde. What do you think are the connotations of the ‘black blonde’?:
Has a very different meaning. On black people blonde is more radical and looked at much more.

What effect does it have on the cultural language of the Blonde?:
Being blonde is no longer the preserve of 50’s film stars. It is used as an accessory, like a hat rather than pretending to be something you’re not.